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The time-weighted average is a limited concentration specified in the threshold table established by the American Association of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH). Refers to the average concentration of the normal 8-hour working day or a 40-hour working week based on the time of exposure to harmful substances. It is the allowable limit, but there must be a corresponding compensation time below the limit during the working day. This limit does not apply to substances that are acutely active.

Calculated by this formula: \(time-weighted average concentration = (C1T1 + C2T2 + ... + CiTi) ÷ 8 (h) \)

Where: C is the contact concentration (ppm); T is the continuous contact time (h).

Usage example

Concentration 1: 20

Time 1: 1 hour

Concentration 2: 45

Time 2: 1.5 hours

Concentration 3: 50

Time 3: 1.5 hours

Concentration 4: 60

Time 4: 2 hours

Concentration 5: 45

Time 5: 2 hours

Input total time: 8 hours

Click "Calculate" to output the result.

Time weighted average: 46.525


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