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True score: The fraction whose numerator is smaller than the denominator is called the true score. The score value of the true score is less than one. Such as: 1/2, 3/5, 8/9 and so on. Equal to 1 is a false score. True scores are generally studied in the range of positive numbers.

Usage example

Numerator: 2

Denominator: 4

Click "True Score" to output the result

True score: 1/2


When the numerator is 0, it is not a true score; for example: 0/6, although 0 is less than 6, 0/6 is not a true score.The reason is "the average '1' is divided into several parts on average, indicating that such a part or parts are called fractions".An example of a true score: 2/5 (two-fifths), the numerator must be less than the denominator to be called a true score.


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