Flexible, extensible web CMS framework built on Tornado and Peewee, compatible with Python 3.4 and above. Using PostgreSQL with JSON extension as the database(postgresql-server >9.4).

pypi: The kernel of this CMS has been submit to pypi. . Could be installed via:

pip3 install torcms


  • Build on Tornado, only with Web features, which made it is simple to use.
  • Markdown editor, make your HTML clean and clear.
  • Carefull desinged model for conents. Post, Info, Page, Wiki as default.
  • User roles for editing.
  • Full text search with Whoosh.
  • PostgreSQL 9.4 above, with JSONB, which makes the framework extensible.
  • Using XLXS, could be parsed by openpyxl, to define the schema of the database.
  • Access database via Peewee.
  • SASS sub-project for Style.
  • Last version of Jquery. And, Bootstrap as the default CSS framework.


  • (Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Service of UNESCO)
  • (World data center for Renewable Resources and Environment)
  • (ICSU-WDS, World Data System China)
  • (OSGeo China Chapter)