Flexible, extensible web CMS framework built on Tornado and Peewee, compatible with Python 3.7 and above.






python3.7 | 3.8 | 3.9

Checking torcms with pylint using default configuration (Under Debian 11.0), gets score greater than 8.9.

  • ● HTML 5
  • ● CSS 3
  • ● Bootstrap 3.4.1
  • ● JQuery 3.6.1


Flexible, extensible web CMS framework built on Tornado and Peewee, compatible with Python 3.7 and above. Using PostgreSQL with JSON extension as the database( postgresql-server >= 11.0 ).

pypi: The kernel of this CMS has been submit to pypi. https://pypi.python.org/pypi/torcms . Could be installed via:

pip3 install torcms


  • ● Build on Tornado, only with Web features, which made it is simple to use.
  • ● Markdown editor, make your HTML clean and clear.
  • ● Full text search with Whoosh(Pure Python).
  • ● PostgreSQL 9.4 above, with JSONB, which makes the framework flexible.
  • ● Using XLXS, could be parsed by OpenpyXL, to define the schema of the database.
  • ● Using Peewee as database ORM.

Different Stages



Built for all levels of expertise, whether you need simple pages or complex ones, creating something incredible with TorCMS is an effortless and intuitive process.



We’ve taken great care to ensure that TorCMS is fully retina-ready. So it’ll look good on any retina display.



TorCMS fits any device handsomely. We tested our theme in major devices and browsers.



Good looking animations are an essential part of the new theme design trend.

Our products & services are crafted with the utmost care to fulfill your needs.


Tornado is a Python web framework and asynchronous networking library, originally developed at FriendFeed.
By using non-blocking network I/O, Tornado can scale to tens of thousands of open connections, making it ideal for long polling, WebSockets, and other applications that require a long-lived connection to each user.


The Python interpreter is easy to extend and can use C or C + + (or other languages that can be called through C) to extend new functions and data types.
Python can also be used as an extender language in customizable software. Python's rich standard library provides source code or machine code suitable for various major system platforms.


PostgreSQL (also known as Postgres) is a free object relational database server (database management system), which is distributed under a flexible BSD style license.
It provides an alternative to other open source database systems (such as MySQL and Firebird) and proprietary systems such as Oracle, Sybase, IBM's DB2 and Microsoft SQL server.


Peewee is a simple and small ORM. It has few (but expressive) concepts, making it easy to learn and intuitive to use.

  • a small, expressive ORM
  • python 2.7+ and 3.4+ (developed with 3.6)
  • supports sqlite, mysql, postgresql and cockroachdb
  • tons of extensions

Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap is a concise, intuitive and powerful front-end development framework based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which makes web development faster.
Bootstrap provides elegant HTML and CSS specifications, which is written by the dynamic CSS language less.


Sass is the most mature, stable, and powerful professional grade CSS extension language in the world.

  • CSS Compatible
  • Feature Rich
  • Industry Approved
  • Large Community
  • Mature
  • Frameworks

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