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Azimuth angle: The horizontal angle between the clockwise direction and the target direction line from the north direction of a point, called the azimuth.

The formula for calculating the distance between any two points on the earth is:

$$ d=111.12 \cos{1/(sinΦAsinΦB十cosΦAcosΦBcos(λB—λA))} $$

The warp and latitude of point A are λA and ΦA, respectively, and the latitude and longitude of point B are λB and ΦB, respectively, and d is the distance.

Usage example

Input data

  • Sharp point A: latitude - -23 ° N; longitude - 32 ° E; altitude - 560 m
  • Sharp point B: latitude - -20 ° N; longitude - 42 ° E; altitude - 456 m

Click "Calculate" to get the result:

The orientation is 106°; the distance is 1086.192km; the elevation is -4.85.


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