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Enter known data(Up to 50 data pairs):
Point Interpolation Query
Input x value and calculate interpolation algorithm in y value
= 0: Normal completion (No error message)
> 0: Extrapolate at [error code] point

App description

In the known data text box below, enter the known (x, y) data pairs. The data pair should be entered as a pair of lines separated by a space bar. No punctuation, letters, etc. For example, suppose we have the following relational data: y = x * X. The data input to the dialog box should be as follows:

<table> <tr> <th width="46">1.2</th> <th width="43"> </th> <th width="73">0.3</th> </tr>

        <td><p> 2.6</p></td>
        <td> </td>
      <td> </td>
      <td height=&quot;21&quot;>7</td>
      <td> </td>

</table> Note that the data pair must increase the input of the x value from top to bottom in order. Up to 50 data pairs. If more than 50 data pairs are input, 51 pairs will be ignored. In the "point interpolation query" section, enter the x value to calculate the y value of the interpolation. Once you click the "interpolation" button, the program will calculate y, which is the data value of a cubic spline interpolation at the specified x point. Note that this tool can accept up to 10x points of calculated corresponding Y values. If you need to interpolate the y value at more than ten points, just rerun the program repeatedly, entering different x points each time.

Important note: Please note the error code output.


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