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Image Resolution (ImageResolution): refers to the amount of information stored in the image. There are many ways to measure this resolution, typically measured in pixels per inch (PPI, pixel per inch); of course, in pixels per centimeter (PPC). The image resolution and the size of the image size (height and width) together determine the size of the file and the quality of the output. The larger the value, the more disk space the graphics file occupies. The image resolution affects the size of the file in a proportional relationship, ie the file size is proportional to the square of its image resolution. If the image size is kept constant and the image resolution is doubled, the file size is increased by a factor of four.

The pixel pitch of an LCD display is similar to the dot pitch of a CRT. The dot pitch generally refers to the distance between two adjacent pixel points of the display screen. The picture we see is formed by a number of points, and the fineness of the image quality is determined by the dot pitch. The calculation of the dot pitch is the value obtained by dividing the panel size by the resolution, but the dot pitch of the LCD. The importance of product performance is far less than the latter. The dot pitch of the display point from the CRT will vary depending on the design of the shadow mask or grating, the type of video card, the vertical or horizontal scanning frequency, and the number of pixels in the LCD display is fixed, so the size and resolution In the same case, the pixel pitch of most liquid crystal displays is basically the same. A 15-inch LCD monitor with a resolution of 1024 x 768 has a pixel pitch of 0.297 mm (some products are also marked as 0.30 mm), while the 17-inch is basically 0.264 mm. Therefore, the price of the same size LCD is generally not related to the dot pitch.


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