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Pressure is the force applied to an object perpendicular to the surface direction in an area, denoted by the symbol P When the force is applied perpendicular to the surface, it applies pressure and the surface is equal to F, where F is the force and surface product. Therefore, the formula for calculating the pressure:

\(P = F / A\)

This is an interesting result. The pressure can be increased or decreased. In other words, the force is unchanged. If the surface becomes smaller, the pressure becomes larger, and vice versa.

The principle four unit is called Pa (Pa) or 1 N / square meter.

An instrument that measures atmospheric pressure and has a complete vacuum when the air pressure is zero. Therefore, the pressure displayed by the instrument is therefore referred to as absolute pressure. Long-term pressure gauges are commonly used instruments for measuring pressure.

The pressure plays an important role in everyday life, among which the operating functions of the pump and hydraulic machine. Ordinary air pressure is essential for maintaining human health and well-being. The body is very suitable for the normal pressure of the atmosphere. If the pressure changes significantly, a person may have harmful or even fatal side effects.

Usage example

Input data pressure: 1

Click on "Atmospheric feet of water, output data: 33.9


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