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Heat unit conversion

Unit conversion for thermal conductivity, thermal resistance, thermal conductivity, specific heat.

Thermal conductivity, also known as "thermal conductivity", takes two parallel planes with a distance of 1 m and an area of ​​1 m2 perpendicular to the direction of heat conduction inside the object. If the temperatures of the two planes differ by 1 K, then one from 1 second The heat conducted by the plane to the other plane is defined as the thermal conductivity of the substance, and its unit is watt·m-1 ·-1(W·m-1·K-1).

Since the airflow inevitably expands and accelerates in the horizontal duct, a full pressure drop is generated in the flow direction, thereby forming thermal resistance.

Heat conduction (thermal conductivity) is a heat transfer phenomenon in the medium without macroscopic motion, which can occur in solids, liquids and gases, but strictly speaking, pure heat conduction is only in solids, and fluids are even at rest. The state, in which natural convection also occurs due to the density difference caused by the temperature gradient, therefore, thermal convection and heat conduction occur simultaneously in the fluid.

Specific heat capacity, also known as specific heat capacity, is referred to as specific heat, which is the heat capacity per unit mass of material, that is, the internal energy absorbed or released when the unit mass object changes unit temperature. Specific heat capacity is a physical quantity that represents the thermal properties of a substance. Usually indicated by the symbol c. Specific heat capacity is related to the state of matter and the type of matter.

Enter the corresponding value in the corresponding calculation box, and select the unit of the check box. Click “Calculate” and the result will display the conversion value between each unit.

Usage example

Calculating thermal conductivity

Input data: 10 watts per meter per opening, click "Calculate" to display the results.

Output: The conversion result is 5.77789 BTU / (hr-ft-°F); 69.33471 BTU / (hr-ft2-°F)/in; 0.023901cal/(sec-cm-°C); 2.3901cal/ (sec- M-°C).

Calculating thermal resistance

Enter the data: 10 ° C / W, click "Calculate" to display the results.

Output: The conversion result is 5.2753 °F-hr/BTU; 18991.008 °F-sec/BTU.

Calculating thermal conductance

Enter the data: 10 W/K, click “Calculate” to display the result.

Output: The conversion result is 18.956BTU/(°F-hr); 0.005266BTU/(°F-sec)

Calculating specific heat

Enter the data: 10J/(Kg-°C), click “Calculate” to display the result.

Output: The conversion result is 0.002388 BTU/(lbm-°F); 0.002388cal/(g-°C).


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