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Hyperbola refers to the trajectory of a point whose absolute value is the difference between the distance from the fixed point on the plane to the two fixed points. It can also be defined as the point at which the ratio of the distance from the fixed point to the fixed line is a constant greater than 1. The trajectory. A hyperbola is a type of conic curve, that is, the intersection of a conical surface and a plane. Hyperbolic a²+b²=c²

Hyperbolic equation formula:

Hyperbolic focus FX axis = x0 + √(a2 + b2)

Hyperbolic focus F Y axis = y0

Hyperbolic focus F' X axis = x0 - √(a2 + b2)

Hyperbolic focus F' Y axis = y0

Asymptote H'L: y=(b/a)x + y0 - (b/a)x0

Asymptote LH': y=(-b/a)x + y0 + (b/a)x0

Hyperbolic eccentricity = √(a2 + b2) / a

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Hyperbolic focus F: ( 13.219544, 5 )

Hyperbolic focus F': ( -5.219544, 5 )

Hyperbolic eccentricity: 1.317078

Progressive line equation H'L: y = -0.857143x + 8.428571

Progressive line equation L'H:y = 0.857143x + 1.571429


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