Spherical segment correlation geometric parameter online calculator

App description

Calculation formula for geometric parameters related to ball missing:

In the figure below, the symbols are as follows:

r = AB; a = CD; h = ED

\(V= \frac {πh}{6} (3a^2+h^2)\)

\(V= \frac {πh^2}{3} (3r-h)\)






In the formula:

  • r - radius of the ball
  • h - the height of the ball is missing
  • a - flat cut radius
  • d - flat cut diameter

Usage example

Input data:

H—High ball segment: 4

R—Radius of segment: 7

Click "Calculate" to output data

Tangent circle diameter square: 160

Spherical surface area: 75.39

Surface area: 175.92

Spherical volume: 284.83


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