Calculate bits to complement an IP address (inverse)

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Subnet mask is also called network mask, address mask and subnet mask. It is used to indicate which bits of an IP address identify the subnet of the host and which bits identify the bit mask of the host. The subnet mask cannot exist alone, it must be used in conjunction with the IP address. Subnet mask has only one function, which is to divide an IP address into two parts: network address and host address.

The subnet mask is a 32-bit address that is used to mask part of the IP address to distinguish the network ID from the host ID, and to indicate whether the IP address is on a LAN or a remote network.

IP is the abbreviation of English Internet Protocol, which means "the protocol for interconnection between networks", that is, a protocol designed for computer networks to communicate with each other for communication. In the Internet, it is a set of rules that enable all computer networks connected to the Internet to communicate with each other. It specifies the rules that computers should follow when communicating on the Internet. Computer systems made by any manufacturer can be interconnected with the Internet as long as they comply with the IP protocol. It is because of the IP protocol that the Internet can quickly develop into the world's largest, open computer communications network. Therefore, the IP protocol can also be called "Internet Protocol".

IP multicast address range

All multicast addresses can be easily identified because the parity pattern "1110" starts. Well-known multicast address, control channel Global (Internet Wide) Multicast Address local multicast address


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