Calculate Tuning Frequency

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App description

Subwoofer vent length calculation

Calculation of vent length, volume of box, tuning frequency, and end correction factor

Select the appropriate unit and enter a value and click on "Calculate". The result will be displayed.

Calculation formula

F = Tuning Frequency

D = Diameter of Vent

N = Number of Ports

V = Volume of Box

L = Length of Vent or Port

K = End Correction Factor

\(F=√[\frac {2.35625×10^4×D^2×N}{V×(L+K×D)}]\)

Usage example

Known data: diameter of vent; number of ports; volume of box; vent length; end correction factor, what is the tuning frequency?

Input data: diameter of vent--5 cm; number of ports--3; volume of box: --8 liters; vent length:--1cm; end correction factor--2, click "Calculate" to display the result.

Output: tuning frequency: 141.71 Hz.


The unit of diameter of vent, box volume, tuning frequency and vent length can be selected. Click on the selected head to select the corresponding unit.


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