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Trigonometric function is a kind of transcendental function in mathematics. Their essence is the mapping between the set of arbitrary angles and the variables of a set of ratios. The general trigonometric function is defined in the plane rectangular coordinate system, and its definition domain is the whole real number field. Another definition is in a right triangle, but it is not complete. In modern mathematics, they are described as the limit of infinite sequence and the solution of differential equation.

Due to the periodicity of trigonometric function, it has no inverse function in the sense of single valued function.

Trigonometric functions have important applications in complex numbers. In physics, trigonometric function is also a common tool.

In RT△ABC, if the acute angle a is determined, then the ratio of the opposite side to the adjacent side of the angle a is determined. This ratio is called the tangent of angle a, which is called Tana.

That is, Tan A = opposite side of angle A/adjacent side of angle A.

The inverse function of the function y=tanx, (x is not equal to kπ+π/2,k∈Z) is called arctangent function. Its range is (-π/2,π/2). Arctangent function is a kind of inverse trigonometric function.

Similarly, since the tangent function y = TaNx does not have one-to-one correspondence in the definition domain R, there is no inverse function.

Note that the selection here is a monotone interval of a tangent function.

Usage example

Input value: 5

Trigonometric function: click "calculate tangent (tan)"

Degree: tangent 5 degree (°) = 0.087489

Radian: tangent 5 radian (RAD) =-3.3805

Number of digits: 5


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