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Binary to decimal online converter

Binary conversion decimal

To multiply each digit of the binary from right to left by the corresponding power of 2.

For example: binary number 1101.01 converted to decimal

\(1101.01(2)=1 \times 2^0+0 \times 2^1+1 \times 2^2+1 \times 2^3 +0 \times 2^{-1}+1 \times 2^{-2}=1+0+4+8+0+0.25=13.25\)

So the general formula is as follows:

\(abcd.efg(2)=d \times 2^0+c \times 2^1+b \times 2^2+a \times 2^3+e \times 2^{-1}+f \times 2^{-2}+g \times 2^{-3}\)

Or use the following method:

The binary number is first written as an expansion of weighted coefficients, and then summed according to the decimal addition rule. This practice is called the "additive by weight" method.

Decimal conversion binary

The method of "except 2, repetitive order" is adopted. The specific method is: divide the decimal integer by 2, you can get a quotient and remainder; then use 2 to remove the quotient, and then get a quotient and remainder, and then proceed until the quotient is 0, and then use the first remainder as the binary number. The lower significant bit, the resulting remainder is used as the upper significant digit of the binary number, in order.

Usage example

Enter the binary number: 1110

Select conversion: binary to decimal

Click "Convert Calculation" and output the result

Decimal: 14


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