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RGB to Hex Converter is an online tool to perform RGB values ​​conversion to hexadecimal values ​​of any color. RGB values ​​are usually expressed as a percentage (%) or an 8-bit range. For example, the color of white can be represented by (100%, 100%, 100%) or (255, 255, 255). The first value of the three values ​​set in parentheses represents the red light intensity value, the second is green, and the third is blue. In this RGB to hex converter, we present the second method of inputting the 8th bit and each input field from 0 to 255. Providing more than the specified value will return an invalid error range.

Electronic RGB color coding plays a vital role in motion scanning, representing and displaying images on devices such as CRT, LED, plasma, computer and television. The red, green and blue colors are considered to be the main colors in the electronics and these three colors can be produced by mixing various combinations of these three colors. A picture composed of color elements of any of the three colors of the beam combination will emit a specific color based on the input values ​​of the intensities of the red, green and blue lights. For example, the full intensity of each red (255), green (255), and blue (255) light will show white, the same zero value for all color beams (0), green (0), and blue (0). ) will display black. Any color can be produced by changing the combination of beam intensities of these three colors, and the value of this mode is still considered the best mode to scan and represent the color.


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