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In mathematics, a hyperbolic function is similar to a common trigonometric function (also called a circular function). The basic hyperbolic functions are hyperbolic sine "sinh", hyperbolic cosine "cosh", and hyperbolic tangent "tanh" is derived from them. It is also similar to the derivation of trigonometric functions.

Hyperbolic function defines Sinh_cosh_tanh hyperbolic sine with exponential function

sh \(z = (e ^ z-e ^ (-z)) / 2\) ⑴

sinh / hyperbolic sine: \(sinh (x) = [e ^ x-e ^ (-x)] / 2\)

Usage example

Input: 20

Click "Calculate" and output the result

Hyperbolic sine value: 2.425826e + 8

Value: 20 Hyperbolic Sine: 2.425826e + 8


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