Critical Oil Flow Calculation _ Online Calculation Tool

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App Description

Enter the value and click "Calculate" to display the result

Qoc = critical oil flow

ρo = oil density

ρg = gas density

re = drainage well radius

rw = wellbore radius

Ko = effective oil permeability

Uo = oil viscosity

Bo = frequency factor

hp = perforation section

h = oil column thickness

Usage example

Input data:

Oil density: 10Lb / ft3

Gas density: 15Lb / ft3

Drainage well radius: 10Ft

Well caliber: 5Ft

Effective oil permeability: 8mD

Oil viscosity: 6cp

Frequency factor: 5

Oil column thickness: 4Ft

Perforation section: 8Ft

Click on calculation to output data    Critical oil flow: 0.00227138STB / day


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