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Spring index calculation

Enter the value, click on "Calculate" and the result will be displayed.

Calculation formula

\(C=\frac {D}{d}\)

  • C = spring index
  • D = spring diameter
  • d = spring wire diameter

Usage example

Input data: Spring diameter D: 14 meters; spring wire diameter d: 2 meters, click "Calculate" to display the result.

Output: spring index, the winding ratio is 7.


The spring index C affects the strength, stiffness, stability and ease of manufacture of the spring. The C value is large, the medium diameter D is larger, the wire diameter is smaller, the spring is softer, the rigidity is small, the deformation is easy, and the winding is easy. The C value is small, on the contrary, the spring is hard, the rigidity is large, and it is not easy to wind. In the design, it is generally recommended to take 4 ≤ C ≤ 14.


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