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App description

Functional residual capacity = mouth reserve + residual gas volume

Deep inhalation = inspiratory reserve + tidal volume

Total lung capacity = rated reserve capacity + tidal volume + mouth reserve + residual gas volume

Lung capacity = inspiratory reserve + tidal volume + mouth reserve

Closing capacity = closed volume + residual gas volume

Closed volume lung capacity ratio = 100 * closed volume / vital capacity

Closed volume lung capacity = 100 * closed volume / total lung volume

Residual total lung volume ratio = 100 × residual gas / total lung volume

Enter the value, select and click on “Calculate Unit. The result will be displayed.

Usage example

Input data:

Breath reserve: 75L

Remaining air volume: 20L

Inspiratory reserve: 45L

Respiratory capacity, one-time ventilation: 50L

Closed air volume: 40L

Click "Calculate" to output data

Functional residual air volume: 95.000L

Inspiratory capacity: 95.000L

Total vital capacity: 190.00L

Vital capacity: 170.00L

Closing capacity: 60.000L

The ratio of closed volume to vital capacity: 23.529¥

Closed volume ratio to total lung capacity: 31.579%

The ratio of remaining air volume to total lung capacity: 10.526%


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