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Semantic purification Efficiency purification No decontamination

After the article was changed, check where the changes were made, compare the articles online, and find out the difference between the two articles. If it is a thesis, you can also see if it is too much with others. The comparison results are identified by different colors. Online comparison of different versions of files, text or documents. In the difference comparison result display, compared with the document 1, the deleted line plus the pink background indicates that it is deleted in the document 2, and the underlined light green background indicates the added content in the document 2. The result is at the bottom of the page.

The effect of the comparison option setting: the difference timeout ensures that the result is normal and the result is not optimized. When set to 0 seconds, there is no timeout limit for the operation.

  • Semantic Purification: Increases readability by breaking down the commonality of coincidence.
  • Efficiency Purification: Release Weight: Improves computational efficiency by breaking down short commonalities
  • that are not worth the overhead. The greater the weight of the release, the more efficient it is.
  • No purification: raw output.


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