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The solid matter formed by the combustion of coal, in which it is collected from the dust collector, called fly ash, is discharged from the furnace as slag.

Calculation formula for boiler slag production:

Calculation formula for boiler fly ash production:

B: boiler coal consumption, t/a

A: Application base ash of coal combustion, %

η: boiler dust removal efficiency, %

Cz, Cf: respectively, the percentage of combustibles in slag and fly ash, %. Generally Cz=10%-25%, pulverized coal fired furnace can take 0-5%; Cf takes 15%-45%, thermal power plant fly ash can take 4 %-8%. Cz, Cf can also be selected according to boiler heat balance data or by laboratory analysis.

dz, dfh: respectively indicate the percentage of ash in the slag and the ash in the soot, which account for the total ash of the coal, %(dz=1-dfh) The dfh value can be selected according to the boiler balance data, or it can be found by looking up the table. When burning coking coal, lignite or slime, the dfh value can be lower, and the burning anthracite is higher.

The percentage of ash in soot to coal ash (dfh)

Furnace type dfh(%)
Hand burner 15-25
Chain furnace 15-25
Reciprocating pusher 20
Vibration furnace 20-40
Coal smelting furnace 25-40
Boiling furnace 40-60
Pulverized coal furnace 75-85
Oil furnace 0
Natural gas furnace 0


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