Evaluating the water quality parameters of the EIA, the online calculation of the ISE, the EIA calculation

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App Description

The calculation formula for the ranking index of water quality parameters:

The ranking indicator ISE of the water quality parameters (the greater the influence)

ISE - the ranking indicator of water quality parameters;

cp——concentration of pollutants, mg/L;

ch——the concentration of pollutants upstream of the river, mg/L;

Qp——discharge of wastewater, m3/s;

Qh - river flow, m3/s.

Usage example

Input data:

cp——Discharge concentration: 8

ch——concentration of pollutants in the upper reaches of the river: 15

Qp——Waste water discharge: 6

Qh - river flow: 20

Click "Calculate" to output data

Sorting index of water quality parameters: -0.34285714285714286


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