Triangle center of gravity online calculator

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The center of gravity of the triangle is the intersection of the three lines of the triangle. When the geometry is a homogeneous object, the center of gravity coincides with the centroid.

In a plane rectangular coordinate system, the coordinates of the center of gravity are the arithmetic mean of the coordinates of the vertices.

That is, its coordinates are ((X1+X2+X3)/3, (Y1+Y2+Y3)/3;

Spatial Cartesian Coordinate System - abscissa: (X1+X2+X3)/3, ordinate: (Y1+Y2+Y3)/3, vertical coordinate: (Z1+Z2+Z3)/3

Usage example

X1: 2;Y1: 4

X2: 3;Y2: 5

X3: 2;Y3: 1

Click "calculate" to output the result

Center of gravity (g): 7/3, 10/3


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