Calculate double points online

This page calculates the double integral of the binary function f(x, y). You must first enter the range x1 of the x variable, the range of x2 and y variables y1, y2, as if the integral is in the rectangular range, but use the function The relational function GE (greater than or equal to) in the expression,    GT (greater than), etc., can be integrated in the shape of various areas. For example, multiplying GE(1,x^2+y^2) in the expression of a binary function means that the function is not zero in the unit circle and is zero elsewhere. In the following input boxes, enter the contents of the binary function f(x, y) in a high-level language-like expression. For the specific input syntax, see Dual Function Numerical Calculation Web Page >, but the arguments can only be represented by the letters x and y. The four numbers of the image range can be represented by a constant expression. For example, (2*p)^(1/2) represents the square of the pi of 2 times, etc. For details, see Constant expression calculation web page. After entering each data, click the "Start Integration" button, the surface of the function will be displayed, and the integration result will be given.


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