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In HTML, colors are either expressed as hexadecimal values ​​(such as #FF0000) or as color names (red).

Web Safe Color refers to the same color displayed in Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer when running in 256-color mode, whether on Windows or Macintosh. The traditional experience is that there are 216 common colors, and any hexadecimal value that combines 00, 33, 66, 99, CC, or FF pairs (RGB values ​​0, 51, 102, 153, 204, and 255, respectively) Represents web security.

But the test shows that there are only 212 web security colors instead of all 216 because Windows Internet Explorer does not correctly render colors #0033FF (0,51,255), #3300FF (51,0,255), #00FF33 (0,255,51) and # 33FF00 (51, 255, 0).

When a web browser sets their appearance for the first time, most computers display only 265 colors (8 bits). Today, most computers can display thousands or millions of colors (16-bit and 32-bit), so if you're developing a site for users of today's computer systems, there's no need to use browser security Swatches.

One use of web-safe color palettes is to develop sites that are suitable for replacing web devices such as PDAs and mobile phone displays. Many of these devices only offer black and white (1 bit) or 256 color (8 bit) displays.


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