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Drinking and driving means that the alcohol content in the driver's blood is greater than or equal to 20 milligrams per 100 milliliters, and less than 80 milligrams per 100 milliliters for drunk driving.

Article 91 of the Road Traffic Safety Law clearly stipulates that for driving a motor vehicle after drinking alcohol, a fine of 200 yuan or more and 500 yuan or less shall be imposed, and a motor vehicle driving license of one month or more and three months or less shall be temporarily suspended.

National Traffic Police Unified Standard: 1 Less than 0.2 is not a drink. 2 More than 0.2 and less than 0.8 belong to drinking. 3 More than 0.8 is drunk driving.

This calculator, enter your weight, alcohol content, alcohol content and time of drinking, you can find out your current blood alcohol content and drive recommendations, accurate and user-friendly.

Usage example

Weight: 80 kg

Quantity of wine: 1000 ml

Alcohol content: 45%

You have been drinking for hours: 3 hours

Click "Calculate" to output the result


You can't drive, or the police will ask you to have tea.


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