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App description

Normal body temperature is not a specific temperature point, but a temperature range. The body temperature in the deep part of the body is relatively constant and uniform, and the body temperature is called deep; while the temperature of the body surface is affected by many factors, the change and the difference are large, and the surface temperature is called.

The clinically referred to body temperature refers to the average deep temperature. It is generally represented by the body temperature of the mouth, rectum, and armpits, where the rectal body temperature is closest to the deep body temperature.

Normal value:

  • The oral sublingual temperature is 37 ° C (range 36.2-37.2 ° C)
  • Rectal temperature 37.5 ° C (higher than oral temperature (0.3-0.5 ° C)
  • The temperature under the armpit is 36.5 ° C (range 36.0 ° C -37.0 ° C)

Usage example

Age: 11-65

Gender: Female

Axillary temperature: 36℃

Click "calculate" to output the result.

Result: Normal


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