Drug infusion rate online calculation

In some special treatments, it is important to adjust the speed of drug infusion in extracorporeal veins, such as dopamine, nitroglycerin and so on. But sometimes it takes time to calculate its concentration.

Drug infusion rate calculation

(1) Intravenous infusion rate and time reference data

Liquid volume(ml) Dropping speed(gtt/min)  time(h)
500 30 4
500 40 3
500 60 2

(2) Formula:

\(concentration (mg/ml) × 1000 (mcg) ÷ 60 (min) ÷ weight (kg) = constant \)

Then use this constant to determine the infusion rate and dose

\(speed (ml / h) = doctor's dose ÷ constant \)

\(dose (mcg/kg/min) = infusion speed × constant \)

The purpose of this tool is only to reduce the cumbersome human calculations and improve the efficiency of medical staff.


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