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Cube surface area, volume calculator

The cube is a three-dimensional figure surrounded by six identical squares. It is also called a regular hexahedron and a cube. The English spelling is Cube.

Cube feature

1.The cube has 12 edges, each of which has the same length.

2.The cube has 8 vertices.

3.The cube has 6 faces and the area is equal.

4.The rib length of the cube is enlarged by n times, the total length of the rib is expanded by n times, the surface area is expanded by n2 times, and the volume is expanded by n3 times.

5.The same small cube to form a large cube, at least 8.

The line ac = cd = db = ab is called the edge. Each corner (such as endpoints: a, b, c and d ) is called a vertex.

Each plane such as (a b c d plane) is called the face of the cube.

Each cube has 6 faces, 8 vertices and 12 sides.

Usage example

Side length: 6

Click "calculate" to output the result

Cubic volume: 216

Area of one face: 36

Total area: 216

Perimeter of a face: 24

Face diagonal: 8.4853

Body diagonal 'ae': 10.392

Effective digit: 5


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