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A regular polygon is a polygon whose number of sides is greater than or equal to 3, each side is equal, and the angles are equal. The center of the circumscribed circle of the regular polygon is called the center of the regular polygon. The length of the center that is connected to the vertex of a regular polygon is called the radius. The distance between the center and the edge is called the edge distance. The symmetry axis of a regular polygon - the odd side: the midpoint of the edge to which a vertex and vertex are connected, that is, the axis of symmetry; the even side: the midpoint of the opposite sides, or the contiguous two vertices, They are all axes of symmetry. The number of positive N-edges is N for the axis of symmetry.

Usage example

Input data:

R—inscribed circle radius: 5

R—circumferential circle radius: 7

A-side: 5

n - number of sides: 6

P—circumference: 30

Click "Calculate" to output data

Calculation results:

Side length: 9.797958971132712

Perimeter: 30

Regular polygon area: 75


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