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EIA: Calculation formula for dust generation of coal piles:

This calculation algorithm uses the mode of Tsinghua University field test in Huozhou Power Plant:

$$ Q _m=11.7 U^{2.45} \cdot S^{0.345} \cdot e ^{-0.5w} \cdot e^{-0.55(V-0.07)} $$

  • Qm---dust dusting amount, mg/s;   * U---critical wind speed, m / s, take greater than 5.5m / s;   * S--- coal pile surface area, m2;   * w---air relative humidity, take 60%;   * V---coal material humidity, raw coal 6%

Usage example

Input data:

U—critical wind speed, m/s, greater than 5.5 m/s: 8

S—Coal surface area, m2:10

V—relative humidity of air, take 60%: 5

w—The humidity of coal material, 6% of raw coal. :4

Click "Calculate" to output data

Coal dust dust, mg/s: 39.929383283002714


In the calculation of dust emission from coal piles, the discharge of coal dust on the surface of coal piles is affected by various factors such as wind speed, geometry of coal pile, bulk density and moisture content.


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