Construction site dusting online calculation tool

Category: EIA

Calculation formula:

$$ E=P \times 0.81 \times s \times ( \frac {V}{30} ) \times [ \frac {(365-w)}{365} ] \times ( \frac {T}{4} ) $$

In the formula:

E—the amount of dust emission from the construction site caused by a single vehicle, kg/km; P—can increase the proportion of dust particles (diameter <30um); the stone pavement is 0.62, and the dirt road surface is 0.32;

S—the percentage of surface powder ore composition, 12%; V—the average speed of the vehicle passing through the construction site, km/h; W—the number of days in which the precipitation is greater than 0.254 mm in one year;

T—The average number of tires per vehicle is generally 6.


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