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App Description

The maximum ground concentration calculation formula for the sampling time of the exhaust pipe under the wind (30min):

$$ c _m(X _m)= \frac {2Q}{eπUH _e^2 P _1} $$

$$ P _1=\frac {2γ _1 \cdot γ _2 ^{-α _1/α _2}}{(1+\frac{α _1}{α _2})^ {1/2(1+α _1/α _2 )}\cdot H _e^{(1-α _1/α _2)} \cdot e ^{1/2(1-α _1/α _2)}} $$

$$ X _m= (\frac {H _e}{γ _2 })^{1/α _2} (1+ \frac {α _1}{α _2})^{-[1/(2α _2)]} $$

* Q---unit time emissions, mg/s;  * U---average wind speed at the outlet of the exhaust pipe, mg/s;  * He---effective height of the exhaust pipe, m;  * X---horizontal distance from the downwind of the exhaust pipe, m;  * α1---relative diffusion parameter regression index; σy1Xα1  * α2---Lead diffusion parameter regression index;  * γ1---relaxation coefficient of lateral diffusion parameter; σz2Xα2  * γ2---Regression coefficient of vertical diffusion parameters.

Usage example

Input data:

Q—Unit time emissions: 40

U—average wind speed at the exit of the exhaust: 10

He—exhaust effective height: 10

X—horizontal distance from the downwind of the exhaust pipe: 20

A1—relative diffusion parameter regression index: 4

A2—Lead diffusion parameter regression index: 8

Y1—relaxation coefficient of lateral diffusion parameters: 9

y2—Regression coefficient of vertical diffusion parameter: 7

Click "Calculate" to output the data:


Cm maximum landing concentration: 0.075

Xm distance from the exhaust pipe: 1.044


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