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Calculation formula for boiler soot:

\(Q=G \times A \times ηA \times (1-η)\)

In the formula:

G——the amount of coal consumed;

A - ash in coal;

ηA——the percentage of fly ash in coal that accounts for ash; its value is related to the combustion mode, see the table below;

Η——dust removal efficiency; 55% for the water bath, 90% for the ceramic tube, 80% for the cyclone, and 99% for the bag;

Percentage of fly ash in coal as a percentage of ash (Environmental Statistics Manual)

Furnace type ηA Furnace type ηA
Hand burner 15-25 Boiling furnace 40-50
链条炉 15-25 Pulverized coal furnace 75-85
Reciprocating furnace 20 Vibration grate 20-40
Coal smelter furnace 25-40    


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