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Input parameter
Reference value setting
kg/d· people
L/d people
L/d people
% of water consumption

App Description

Input parameters: number of workers; number of people stayed; working days

Reference value setting: the amount of garbage produced per person per day is kg/d·person; the daily water consumption per person per stay is L/d; the daily water consumption per person per stay is L/d; the displacement is based on the water consumption meter

Calculation results: annual water consumption tons; daily emissions tons; annual emissions tons; daily production of domestic garbage kg; annual output of domestic garbage;

Calculation formula for domestic sewage discharge:


In the formula:

Qs - sewage discharge in the living area, t / d.

Q1 - The amount of domestic sewage per person per day.

V1 - the number of people in the living area, people.

K - the discharge coefficient of sewage, generally 0.6 ~ 0.9, the small value in the north, the large value in the south.


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