On-line calculation of boiler coal-fired flue gas and dust and SO2 EIA

Category: EIA

Flue gas emissions:

$$ Vy=(a+b)(1.1Q low/10000) $$

$$ Vy total = B × Vy $$

In the formula:

Vy-unit weight of flue gas generated in coal combustion (Nm3/kg);

Q low-fuel low calorific value (kcal/kg);

A-furnace air excess coefficient, take 1.3;

B-fuel coefficient, according to coal type 0.1;

Vy total - total amount of smoke (Nm3 / h);

B-fuel consumption (kg/h).

Soot emissions:

$$ GTSP= \frac {B \times A \times dfn(1-η)}{1-Cfn} $$

In the formula:

GTSP - soot emissions (t / h);

A- coal ash (%), take 10%;

Dfh - the percentage of smoke in the smoke (%), taken as 20%;

Cfh - the percentage of combustibles in soot, 30%;

The dust removal efficiency of the η-dust removal system is 95%.

SO2 emissions:

$$ (GSO_2=1.6 \times B \times S(1-ηs) $$

In the formula:

GSO2-sulfur dioxide emissions (t/h);

B-the amount of coal burned (t/h);

The sulfur content (%) in S-coal is 0.5%;

Ηs-desulfurization efficiency (%), taking 70%.


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