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Calculation in environmental impact assessment.

Boiler flue gas calculation: 1Kg coal produces 8.5m3 flue gas (experience); chain furnace 1 Kg coal produces 10.35m3 flue gas

Source strength calculation formula: SO2: \(Q =G \times 2 \times 0.8 \times S \times (1-EtaSO_2)\)

Where: G-calcium consumption; S-coal sulfur content;

EtaSO2-desulfurization efficiency, 40% of the water bath and water film, and 90% by limestone-gypsum method.

Smoke: \(Q=G \times A \times EtaA \times (1-Eta)\)

Where: G-consumption coal consumption;

A-ash ash;

EtaA - the percentage of fly ash in coal that accounts for ash;

Eta-dust removal efficiency

Furnace type ηA Furnace type ηA
Hand burner 15-25 Boiling furnace 40-50
Chain furnace 15-25 Pulverized coal furnace 75-85
Reciprocating furnace 20 Vibration grate 20-40
Coal smelter furnace 25-40    

Usage example

Input data:

G— Coal consumption: 100

S—Sulfur content in coal: 10

Etas - Desulfurization efficiency: 8

A—ash in coal: 15

EtaA - Percentage of fly ash in coal as a percentage of ash: 0.8

Eta - Dust removal efficiency: 0.5

Click "Calculate" to output data

Boiler flue gas: -11200

Boiler soot: 600


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