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Calculation of theoretical air demand (V0)

For solid fuels:

When the fuel application base will score Vy >15% (bituminous coal), the calculation formula is:

\( V_0=0.251 \times Q_L/1000+0.278 \) m3(standard)/kg

When Vy <15% (lean or anthracite), the formula is:

\( V_0=Q_L/4140+0.606 \) m3(standard)/kg

When QL <12546kJ/kg (low quality coal), the formula is:

\( V_0=Q_L/4140+0.455 \) m3(standard)/kg

In the formula:

V0—the amount of theoretical air required for fuel combustion, m3(standard)/kg or m3/m3;

QL—the fuel application base low calorific value, kJ/kg or kJ/(standard) m3.

QL value comparison table for various fuel types

(Unit: kJ/kg or kJ/m3)

Type of combustion QL

Stone coal and vermiculite

anthracite 22051
bituminous coal 17585
Diesel 46057
natural gas 35590
Carbon monoxide 12636
lignite 11514
Lean coal 18841
heavy oil 41870
gas 16748
hydrogen 10798


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