Online calculation of respiratory emissions from fixed top tanks

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Formula for calculating the respiratory emissions of fixed top tanks:

\(LB=0.191 \times M(P(100910-P))^{0.68} \times D^{1.73} \times H^{0.51} \times ΔT^{0.45} \times FP \times C \times KC\)

In the formula:

LB - the amount of respiratory emissions (Kg / a) of the fixed top tank;

M—the molecular weight of the vapor in the storage tank;

P—the true vapor pressure (Pa) in a large liquid state;

D—the diameter of the tank (m);

H—average vapor space height (m);

△T—the average temperature difference within one day (°C);

FP-coating factor (dimensionless), depending on the paint condition, between 1 and 1.5;

C—regulator for small diameter tanks (dimensionless); tanks with diameters between 0 and 9 m,

\(C=1-0.0123(D-9)^2\) C=1 with a tank diameter greater than 9m;

KC - product factor (oil crude oil KC takes 0.65, other organic liquid takes 1.0)


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