Actual calculation tool for actual smoke volume, EIA calculation

Category: EIA

The total emission of total smoke G is calculated as follows:

$$ G=B \times G $$

$$ G=1.14 \frac {QL}{4182}-0.25+1.0161(α-1)V0 $$

$$ V0=1.09 \frac {QL}{4182}-0.25 $$

In the formula:

G total - total smoke emissions, m 3 / h;

B-fuel consumption, m3/h;

G-flue volume, m3/m3

QL-natural gas low calorific value, take 8500kcal/m3, ie 35700KJ/m3;

-- excess air coefficient, Α=Α0+ΔΑ, take 1.4;

V0 - theoretical air demand, m 3/m3.


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