Complete mixed mode of rivers: online calculation tool for pollutant concentration, EIA calculation

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App Description

Complete mixed mode of river: calculation formula of pollutant concentration

$$ c=(c _pQ _p+c _hQ _h)/(Q _p+Q _h) $$

  • c---concentration of pollutants after complete mixing of wastewater and river water, mg/L;   * cp---concentration of pollutants in sewage, mg/L;   * Qp---sewage flow, m3/s;   * cp---the water concentration of the upstream water, mg/L;   * Qp---the flow of water from the upstream of the sewage outlet, m3/s;

Applicable conditions:

* Calculation of pollutant concentration after rapid and complete mixing of wastewater and river water;   * Contaminants are persistent pollutants, and the concentration of pollutants after the wastewater and   * river water are completely mixed for a certain period of time (distance).   * The river is a constant flow:   * Continuous and stable discharge of wastewater.

Usage example

Input data:

Cp - pollutant discharge concentration: 3

Ch—concentration of pollutants in the upper reaches of the river: 4

Qp - Wastewater discharge: 3

Qh - river flow: 4

Click "Calculate" to output data

Contaminant concentration: 3.5714285714285716


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