The annual electricity consumption of wine production is calculated online, and the environmental impact calculation

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The annual electricity consumption calculation formula for wine production:


In the formula:

W——the electricity consumption per KL of wine produced, 52.2kw•h/KL;

Wt - annual electricity consumption for wine production, 470000kw•h;

Yw - the annual output of wine, 9000 kl.


(1) Power consumption includes basic production electricity and auxiliary production electricity. For example, the direct power consumption, self-production water, equipment overhaul and minor repair, accident overhaul and overhaul after commissioning, and the power lost by the workshop lighting and the above various power lines and transformers. It does not include electricity for auditoriums, canteens, nurseries, schools, staff quarters, infrastructure, technical measures and construction projects.

(2) If a unified electric meter is used to supply electricity for several products at the same time, the electricity consumption should be apportioned according to the beneficiary unit's products through measurement or measurement.


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