Rainstorm intensity calculation for 5 minutes of rainfall, EIA calculation

Category: EIA

App description

The formula for calculating the intensity of rainstorm over 5 minutes of rainfall:

$$ i= \frac { A1(1 + c lg{P})}{(t + b)n} $$

$$ Q5 = 1.67I $$

In the formula:

  • q5- rainstorm intensity of rain for 5 min [L/(s.100m2)];
  • I-rain intensity (mm/min);
  • P-recurring period (a);
  • t-rain duration, take 5min;
  • A1, b, c, and n are local rainfall parameters.

For the industrial park, the atmospheric environmental carrying capacity has become a constraint factor. This evaluation will predict and calculate the atmospheric environment carrying capacity of the science and technology industrial park.


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