Unorganized discharge health protection distance

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Formula for calculating the health protection distance of unorganized emissions:

$$ \frac{Q _c}{c _m}=\frac {1}{A}(BL^c+0.25r^2)^{0.50} L^D $$

In the formula:

Qc---the control level that the unorganized emissions of harmful gases in industrial enterprises can reach, kg•h-1;

cm---standard concentration limit, mg/m3;

A, B, c, D---the calculation coefficient of the sanitary protection distance, no dimension, according to the average wind speed of the industrial enterprise in the past five years and the composition category of the air pollution source of the industrial enterprise, from the "view description";

L---sanitary protection distance required by industrial enterprises, m;

r---the equivalent radius of the production unit where the unorganized source of harmful gases is located, m. Calculated according to the production unit floor space S (m2), \(r=(S/π)^{0.5}\);

Note: Qc refers to the unorganized emissions of industrial enterprises with reasonable process flow, production management and equipment maintenance at the advanced level in similar enterprises.

When the L value in the equation is between two levels, a wider level is taken.


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