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Abstract: (1) C language First of all, C language is used for many purposes, and it is a very important computer program. It supports str...

(1) C language

C language

First of all, C language is used for many purposes, and it is a very important computer program. It supports structured programming, lexical variable range and recursion. C language is the basis of computer science in many universities, and also the ideal language for developing firmware or mobile applications. But generally, it is used to program system software.

Advantages of C language:

Mobility: C language is a highly mobile language, that is, when we do not make changes or make small changes when programming, we can develop software that runs on different platforms.

C language is relatively small: This feature means that C can be embedded in almost modern microprocessors, from refrigerators to alarm clocks. C is based entirely on variables as well as macro commands, functions and constructs. There are not many of them.

C language equals everything: This sentence needs to be explained, but at the beginning we said that the computer major is basically based on C language, because all programming languages are implemented by C language. If you learn it, you can easily learn all the programming languages.

Disadvantages of C language:

Run time: in the process of running, the C language has no checking mechanism.

Object-oriented programming: It means that object-oriented programming is not supported, and that's why C++ came into being later. It is difficult to learn: when it is difficult, I play four stars. I sincerely think that C language is not a suitable language for entry, but it is also the ancestor of other languages, and it is very suitable for the first to learn. So I temporarily regard it as its disadvantage that it is difficult to learn.

(2) C++ language


C++ is regarded as the best object-oriented programming language for large-scale program applications. C++ is optimized from C language and is quite upgraded.

Advantages of C++:

Unusual: Being proficient in C or C++ allows us to have a different place in any program. This means that the use of CCompact + allows us to understand other programming languages, such as Java or Python, how to manage memory and deal with defects.

Tunability: C++ allows you to adjust the performance of our applications, as well as affect the performance of all computers. Compared to Java, it can be said to be not very friendly, but we can use it to do a lot or anything.

Disadvantages of C++:

Learning difficulties: C++ and C are about the same, but I gave four and a half stars, so I personally think C++ is a little more difficult than C language. But in real work, the people around us who have used C++ for a few years are called great gods.

Large size: C++ can be large, because most of the functions interact with each other in a machine-complex way, and no developer can use all the components provided. But we will spend a lot of time selecting the sub-parts of our program.

(3) Java language

Java language

Java is a language that developers use to create computer applications. We need the java runtime environment when downloading the program and make sure it is installed on our system, where java is also an application that some web plug-ins allow us to run in the browser.

Advantages of Java:

There is a great demand for java developers: in the same position, java accounts for 60% to 70% of the demand compared with many languages, which is based on the data. So the language with the greatest demand is one of the advantages of Java

An evolutionary language: I just mentioned that C++ is optimized by C, in fact, Java is also optimized. Many functions have been added to this platform, such as lambda function. Android app development: we all know that Google's Android mobile platform is the number one mobile platform in the world, so the main language used by the developers of this Android app is Java.

Disadvantages of Java:

Use a lot of content: Java uses more memory than C++, so it takes up more content.

Learning difficulty: Java must not be the easiest entry language, but it is not the hardest either.

Startup is often slow: Every programmer who tries Java to write Android applications knows that, it is very slow to start the same code in the simulator.

(4) Python language


Python is a server-side interpreter, open source, non-compiled language, it can be used for itself or other frameworks, such as: Django.

Advantages of python:

Easy to learn: Difficulty here I only give a star, most of the students who know python say what is easy to read ah, library ah, so I think it's good to get started.

Libraries: Libraries are free, and many libraries and functions make it easy to make things.

Internet of things: Python may be the most popular language in the Internet of things. Nowadays, many new platforms are based on Python

Disadvantages of python:

Speed: In fact, as an interpreted language, it is relatively much slower than the compiled language.

Mobile terminal: Python is actually very weak in mobile computing, and few smartphone applications are developed by python.

Design: This is a dynamic language that requires a lot of testing and bugs are only displayed at run time.

Hierarchical summary of languages:

Through the previous understanding of various languages, we can see this kind of diagram more clearly. The following is the ranking of this level:

Program performance ranking: Assembly>system level language>application level language>script level language.

Program readability: Script level language>application level language>system level language>assembly. Hardware level: CPU, memory, video card, etc., not software.

Assembly level: Poor readability, but now there are compilers, so there are few engineer demand variables for assembly language in the market. The demand for high-level languages has increased. Because high-level language is easy to read;

System level: Windows, Linux, Mac, OS, Android, IOS, etc. That is, computer software runs on the operating system.

Application level: It focuses more on the execution process and functions of software programs. The development volume is very large.

Script level: The four languages mentioned above are not involved in this. Let me just briefly describe them. The code of script level language is straightforward and fast. But although the readability is strong, the cost of translating script language into assembly language by compiler is very high.

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