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Abstract: 1.SuperMap GIS SuperMap GIS is a large series of basic geographic information software developed by hypermap software with complet...

1.SuperMap GIS

SuperMap GIS is a large series of basic geographic information software developed by hypermap software with completely independent intellectual property rights. It can provide powerful cloud GIS platform, component GIS development platform, desktop GIS platform, mobile GIS development platform, network client GIS development platform and related spatial data production, processing and management tools.


Cloud GIS platform software includes four parts. Building a GIS cloud or GIS server system requires the four carriages of SuperMap GIS 8C (2017), which are:

  • SuperMap iCloudManager 8C (2017): GIS cloud manager. It can deploy the GIS business environment in the cloud computing platform, solve the problem of difficult management of the cloud GIS platform, and form the SuperMap cloud GIS solution together with the SuperMap GIS 8C (2017) products;

  • SuperMap iPortal 8C (2017): Cloud GIS portal platform. It supports the integration, sharing, discovery and management of various GIS resources, and provides online mapping, portal customization and other functions as well as a complete REST API. As the entrance to access GIS resources within the organization, it can reduce the cost of users to find, use and manage GIS resources;

  • SuperMap iServer 8C (2017): cloud GIS application server. Based on the high-performance GIS core and cloud computing technology, it has the functions of service release, management and aggregation of two-dimensional and three-dimensional integration. It can be used to build SOA application systems and GIS proprietary cloud systems by providing a variety of mobile, web, PC and other development SDKs;

  • SuperMap iExpress 8C (2017): Cloud GIS Distributor. It can be used as an intermediary between GIS cloud and end, and effectively improve the terminal access experience of cloud GIS through service proxy and cache acceleration technology. It also provides the ability of local release of 2D and 3D tiles and multi-node update push, which can be used to quickly build a cross-platform and low-cost WebGIS application system.

Terminal GIS platform software: N terminal.

The end GIS platform software of SuperMap GIS 8C (2017) includes the following categories, including PC end, Web end and mobile end products. It can be connected to the cloud GIS platform and the hypermap online GIS platform, providing map production, business customization, terminal display, data update and other capabilities;

Component GIS development platform: SuperMap iObjects Java 8C (2017), SuperMap iObjects NET 8C (2017), SuperMap iObjects C++8C (2017);

A full-featured secondary development platform for GIS applications, which is used to build GIS stand-alone systems and C/S systems, and provides Java and. NET APIs;

Desktop GIS platform: SuperMap iDesktop 8C (2017); Professional GIS data processing, analysis and mapping platform, and support the expansion development under the. NET environment, and quickly customize industry applications; It covers JavaScript, Flash, Silverlight and other common web development platforms, and provides two and three dimensional integration capabilities on the web side;

Mobile GIS development platform: SuperMap iMobile 8C (2017) for iOS/Android; The professional mobile GIS development platform provides professional GIS functions such as collection, editing, analysis and navigation in two and three dimensions, and supports iOS and Android platforms;

Lightweight mobile terminal SDK: SuperMap iClient 8C (2017) for iOS/Android/Win8; A lightweight, fast and free GIS mobile development package that supports online connection to the SuperMap cloud GIS platform and hypermap cloud services, offline tile caching, and iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8 platforms.

Download address: https://www.ruanfujia.com/software/11669/.

2.HiData data platform

HiData data platform is a new generation of internal and external integrated processing platform independently developed by Mantian Xingyun Company in combination, with the industry accumulation of China Haida in the field of surveying and mapping and GIS for more than ten years. The platform has completely independent intellectual property rights, mainly including project management, layer management, data conversion, map operation and output, data editing, image processing, post-differential processing, configuration tools, interface configuration tools, coordinate tools, registration management and other functional modules. Through this platform, users can quickly complete a complete set of data production processes from field collection, office editing and mapping, to warehousing and updating, and effectively solve the problems of repetitive work caused by the asymmetry of internal and external information, information loss during data conversion, and dynamic update of existing data.


Naked eye mapping: Realistic rendering, making mapping more intuitive and direct, without stereoscopic glasses and handwheel;

  • Big data support: the platform supports unlimited grid data per second, and memory consumption is independent of data volume;

  • Integration of drawing library: real-time mapping and dynamic symbolization of objects can meet the drawing requirements and can be directly stored;

  • 2D and 3D synchronization: multi-window 2D and 3D perspective synchronization acquisition and editing, fixed perspective, and automatic coordinate synchronization;

  • Internal and external collaboration: support internal mapping, external mapping of internal results, and mapping of image control points;

  • Easy mapping: software can be installed on the notebook, other brands of tablets can be used as the notebook, or Zhonghaida tablet X5CM (more portable). Measurement, drawing and warehousing can be realized on a flat/RTK book;

  • Reduce the operation cost: no need to draw sketches, no need to code, basically no need for inside page personnel, 1-2 fewer staff, real individual equipment;

  • High efficiency: when the diagram changes, the library also changes synchronously, and vice versa;

  • Symbol system: supports national standard symbols and user-defined symbols;

Download addresshttps://www.ruanfujia.com/software/10388657/.

3.MapGIS K9

MapGIS K9 is the key achievement of the National 863 Plan. MapGIS K9 has once again set an industry benchmark in many GIS technology fields, and has made many major breakthroughs in core technology: it has taken the lead in applying the new generation of service-oriented suspended inverted architecture technology, realizing the vertical multi-layer, horizontal grid distributed architecture, with cross-platform, removable and other characteristics; Take the lead in launching a new generation of development mode of build-up, plug-in and configuration-based, realizing the visual development of zero programming, smart combination and easy construction; Take the lead in developing the functional warehouse management technology, so that the functions developed by any unit or individual that meet the service component standard can be managed and applied under the "functional warehouse" of MAPGIS K9, and realize the dual sharing of data and functions in combination with the data warehouse technology.


Advanced system architecture: MapGIS K9 adopts a new generation of service-oriented suspended inverted system architecture, which is easier to integrate and manage, easier to maintain, and better scalability. The developed system can truly achieve comprehensive sharing of data and functions. The development technology of service-oriented architecture adapts to the built-up program development, which greatly reduces the difficulty of program development and improves the efficiency of system development.

Easily manage massive spatial data: MapGIS K9 adopts the most advanced spatial data management technology and various optimization measures, greatly improving the speed of browsing and querying massive data; At the same time, MapGIS K9 can meet the requirements of users' long-term concurrent access, and can trace back the situation at a certain time in the past or predict the situation at a certain time in the future according to the existing data, so as to meet the needs of historical backtracking and evolution, cadastral change, environmental change, disaster warning and other applications.

Effective heterogeneous data integration management: MapGIS K9 uses GIS middleware technology to represent and manage spatial heterogeneous data on the MapGIS K9 platform with only one "translation" action without converting the original data format. The operation of these data can be as convenient and fast as the operation of the data on the platform, eliminating "information islands";

Practical true 3D dynamic modeling and visualization: MapGIS K9 can quickly establish and integrate the management of 3D geoscience models and 3D landscape models, and can also comprehensively visualize and integrate 3D data. The 3D geological model can accurately represent the surface topography and feature information, and fully meet the display and analysis of complex underground structures such as strata, faults, tunnels, etc. Through images, electronic maps, elevations and other data, virtual three-dimensional landscape geographic scenes can be generated, allowing users to walk along the streets in the realistic three-dimensional digital urban virtual scene at will, and providing professional analysis functions, which can more intuitively understand the situation, providing an important means for analysis, decision-making and approval of road planning, comprehensive pipeline planning, urban greening, etc;

Powerful remote sensing processing function: The remote sensing image data processing platform of MapGIS K9 is a remote sensing basic platform that integrates RS, GIS and GNSS to meet the requirements of remote sensing application, providing effective storage and management of remote sensing image massive data. The platform not only provides basic processing functions such as remote sensing image correction, analysis, management and mapping, but also provides professional processing software packages such as photogrammetry and image mapping for specific applications, realizing a series of functions from basic image processing to advanced intelligent interpretation. It can be widely used in agriculture and forestry, surveying and mapping, geological survey, urban planning, resource and environment survey, disaster monitoring and other departments. The platform also provides a powerful secondary development library, based on which users can effectively apply remote sensing in multiple directions and levels. This provides strong technical support for the rapid and timely transformation of massive remote sensing data into useful information that can truly meet the actual needs of all walks of life and can be used as a basis for decision-making, and promotes the development of remote sensing applications;

Customers can freely DIY: on the overall framework provided by the MapGIS K9 platform, users can flexibly and freely "plug and unplug" each function module on the system, that is, directly load/unload a function when it is needed/not needed; In addition, MapGIS K9 is configured with a variety of solutions. Users can choose to configure or develop plug-ins to extend the functions of the GIS platform according to their needs;

Powerful and simple secondary development capability: MapGIS K9 also provides rich 3D, remote sensing, WEBGIS and other development libraries on the basis of the traditional development library, and provides a data center integrated development platform. It provides customers with the largest secondary development support and various industrial solutions by using the new generation development mode of building-type, configuration-type and plug-in.

(1) Zero threshold for developers

MapGIS K9 realizes zero programming or micro-programming, reducing the workload of software development and the difficulty of development. It can make the dream of developers who do not understand programming to develop GIS systems come true. Only those who have certain professional knowledge and computer application foundation, and those who belong to relevant disciplines, can master the use of the system in about a week;

(2) Efficiency of development process

The new generation development model provided by MapGIS K9 allows users and ordinary business personnel to participate in the development when encountering changes in software requirements. It can provide users with very rich functions (tools) and a friendly visual programming environment. Users can participate in it, and they can easily improve software functions according to changing requirements. This development model greatly improves work efficiency;

(3) Everyone can be a "programmer"

In the implementation of software in the traditional development mode, developers go all out to write code, while technical support personnel wait for the solution of developers' problems and bear the urge of users, but can only stand idly by. Under the new generation development mode, customers, project managers, programmers and technical support personnel can participate in "development";

The new generation development model of MapGIS K9 has great advantages over the traditional development model in terms of development cost, technical difficulty and efficiency. According to statistics, the same task and the same personnel only need 20% of the original development mode to use the new generation development mode, which greatly reduces the development time; In the initial online test, the total number of software defects or problems decreased to 10%; It saves development costs and improves work efficiency by more than 80%. It is a revolutionary change in software development mode, leading the development of GIS technology in the future;

Download addresshttps://www.ruanfujia.com/software/11671/.


Sm@rtMapX is an agile GIS service development platform integrating multi-source data management, data visualization, secondary development, operation and maintenance launched by Beijing Lingtu Software Technology Co., Ltd. after the three-dimensional GIS platform "VRMAP", "I want map (http://www.51ditu.com)" and "Skywalker" navigation software.

Sm@rtMapX has the characteristics of big data management presentation, business data spatial retrieval, collaborative visual editing, customized data service interface, etc. Implement professional GIS service tools, adopt a lighter and flexible local deployment mode, provide rich and easy-to-use interfaces, provide visual configuration services for local database access, support efficient and massive data processing, multi-person collaborative operation, one-click sharing, shorten the development cycle of enterprise applications, visual production of professional map applications, focus on in-depth business, and avoid huge development and maintenance costs.


  • Rapid mapping and publishing;

  • Agile development of GIS application;

  • Rich small program library;

  • Big data space visualization;

  • Cross-platform and multi-terminal applications;

  • Multi-source data fusion and collaborative sharing;

  • Support the access, management and distribution of various multi-source heterogeneous data;

  • Provide national maps of different styles and national POI data;

  • Built-in rich widget components make building applications as simple as building blocks;

  • Visual data service interface and visual map configuration.

Download addresshttps://www.ruanfujia.com/software/10384646/.



With GeoStar's geographic information infrastructure platform GeoGlobe, cloud management platform GeoStack, and geographic intelligence service platform GeoSmarter as the core, 2GeoStar has built a platform product model for spatiotemporal big data governance and ecological application, deeply mining the comprehensive value of spatial data and various business data, and serving intelligent applications in multiple fields such as natural resources, smart cities, and information innovation.


Integrated management and representation of multi-scale and multi-source vector, image and digital elevation model, supporting multiple relational databases;

Seamless organization of data from multiple projection zones and different spatial coordinates; Distributed heterogeneous massive data management: the amount of data managed can reach TB level; Support user permission control, multi-user concurrent operation locked to the object level, and support long transaction processing and version management mechanism;

2D/3D interactive browsing of terrain database, 3D browsing of superimposed vector and image database; Graphic attribute bidirectional query, spatial relationship query, SQL complex statement query, multiple continuous queries, and the logical operation of query results is suitable for report generation;

Rich graphics editing, topology editing and data extraction; Analysis: buffer, overlay, best path, resource allocation, terrain analysis; Cartography: national standard framing map template mapping, pull frame mapping, support user-defined template mapping and common thematic map design; Provide a full range of tools such as spatial data conversion, vector transformation, map synthesis, image processing, DEM processing, symbol compilation, etc;

Provide a full component GIS secondary development kit, and support the development of spatial query, analysis, editing, mapping and other functions.

Download addresshttps://www.ruanfujia.com/software/11707/.

6.Jizhitong - general GIS acquisition software

Jizhitong-General GIS acquisition software is designed to meet the needs of GIS spatial data acquisition in land, forestry, power, agriculture, transportation and other industries. The software is based on mobile intelligent terminals, and integrates information technologies such as Beidou positioning, GIS geographic information, Internet of Things, and mobile Internet. The software system has the features of multi-source map combination browsing, multi-mode spatial data acquisition and editing, location positioning navigation with multi-accuracy requirements, multiple thematic map display and mapping printing, and provides users with an integrated mobile GIS acquisition solution.


Combined with independent high-precision Beidou mobile intelligent terminal, it can meet different positioning and acquisition requirements; Use image compression algorithm with high compression ratio and loading and rendering technology to improve map visualization ability;

Multi-source data support, universal TIF grid and SHP vector file data can be quickly imported and exported to meet the loading of different map data; The spatial data collection of point, line and plane by means of survey, input and map plotting improves the efficiency of data collection;

Self-form collection and filling requires flexible and diverse attribute dictionary settings to meet different businesses in the industry; Support multiple settings of layer locking, labeling, transparency and other styles to meet the diversified graphic display;

Relying on mobile intelligent terminals, combined with technologies such as Beidou positioning, smart wear, device sensors, mobile Internet, GIS geographic information, etc., to realize the interconnection of business applications and resource information, and effectively support the real-time configuration of resources and on-site operation control; Based on the standardized interface of the system, the diversified mobile APP is developed and integrated with various business systems in the background to achieve business mobile applications such as data collection, resource survey, intelligent patrol inspection, mobile office, emergency repair, and improve the informatization level and control ability of on-site operations.

Download addresshttps://www.ruanfujia.com/software/10407327/.

7.Tianyima GIS geographic information system

Tianyima GIS Geographic Information System

Tianyima GIS GIS integrates electronic map, satellite map and 3D (2.5D/3D) map, which can be switched freely and hierarchically. Realize map stepless zoom and roaming, support grid map rendering, layer overlay, GPS tracking, video fixed-point display, spatial search, and support multiple projection modes and multiple layer loading.


Support map rotation and spatial search; Support 2000 national geodetic coordinate system, Beijing 54, Xi'an 80, WGS-84 and other common coordinate systems; Support the loading of underground 3D maps such as underground pipelines and underground space, and realize the integrated management of the ground and underground; Support dynamic road name labeling along the line to ensure that the road name can be clearly seen under any circumstances;

Support tile map rendering, GPS tracking, and video fixed-point display; Multi-dimensional display of business data based on tile 3D map based on map engine; Support superimposed thermal layer to realize population density and environmental protection monitoring and management; Support video monitoring and call system access, and master traffic network and terrain in real time.

Integrate cutting-edge technology and excellent components on GIS; The technical performance of GIS is improved, and the cross-platform, distributed and Hadoop-based HDFS implementation of unstructured data storage, the use of Spark big data computing framework, affine transformation geographic coordinate transformation algorithm and other technologies are combined into the existing technology.

Load and improve the spatial data operation and analysis capability by loading the tilt photography model data and processing the static monomer of the model. The map scatter level is increased from 200000 to 500000 per second, and it is constantly updated and optimized to provide more cutting-edge space technology applications.

Download addresshttps://www.ruanfujia.com/software/257472/.

8. EPSW holographic mapping system

EPSW holographic mapping system is a data acquisition and management system for terrain, cadastral, real estate, pipe network, road, hydrology, waterway, forestry and other industries. The system functions meticulously and is simple to use. It uses the whole field information technology to completely push the mapping software to the peak.


  • For surveying and mapping and geographic information system;
  • Support data collection in multiple modes and industries;
  • The engineering template standardizes and standardizes data production to ensure that the - operation specifications of each operation team are consistent during mass production;
  • Support coding symbol customization to meet the requirements of different regions;
  • irect use of database storage technology to break the bottleneck of data volume;
  • Adopt dynamic real-time storage technology to ensure data security;
  • Support the recalculation of the coordinate of the survey station, and the control and mapping of the survey station can be carried out simultaneously;
  • Automatically extract vertical and horizontal section data and generate vertical and horizontal sections;
  • Support multiple methods of quantity takeoff;
  • The most powerful graphic performance ability;
  • Flexible hierarchical, classified and proportional display, flexible and convenient interactive operation;
  • Support multimedia properties and OLE linking and embedding;
  • Support 3D display and spatial query;
  • Print, plot and output table function;
  • Specially designed simulation measurement process function to ensure faster learning and mastering;
  • The system supports secondary development, and the company uses the "repurchase policy" to ensure the sharing of the results of secondary development.

Download addresshttps://www.ruanfujia.com/software/61987/.


CitoRGIS II/3D real estate GIS platform is based on digital surveying and mapping, supported by large databases, and integrated with advanced GIS technology. It organically combines the management business of various departments of real estate, and realizes the integrated management of real estate by drawing, managing and archiving, and combining drawing and archiving. It is divided into two parts: two-dimensional real estate geographic information system and three-dimensional real estate geographic information system.

Functions and characteristics:

1.Spatial data input and output

Use index map, frame map and image map as the basic map source;

Rapid reconstruction of 3D real estate based on data sources such as real estate hierarchical map and household map;

It can output 2D and 3D data.

2.2D data editing

Realize the real-time update of two-dimensional real estate graphics, which can be effectively edited. At the same time, it provides the topological and statistical analysis function of two-dimensional GIS for real estate users.

3.3D data editing

Realize the use of two-dimensional real estate graphics as the data source, combined with corresponding auxiliary information; It can realize real-time editing of the height and location of the building.

4.Attribute management

One-to-one linkage retrieval display of graphics and attributes; The external database interface is complete and accessible.

5.Space roaming

Realize the tree-type management of 2D and 3D data types, which can be displayed freely and flexibly in layers; Realize flexible roaming operations such as arbitrary zoom, translation, angle change, angle rotation, etc. of 3D scene, and use the most advanced and popular navigator.

6.3D building

Create a three-dimensional building list according to the floor plan and household plan of the building; Establish a three-dimensional floor plan according to the floor plan of the building; Establish a three-dimensional household map based on the household map of the building; Real-time linkage retrieval and display of attributes and graphics.

7.System characteristics

Advanced reality and virtual integration technology; Focus on the realization of 3D visualization of real estate landscape and rapid establishment of 3D models; Flexible graphic and attribute linkage retrieval function; Powerful 2D/3D attribute query, browse, statistics, extraction and analysis functions; Advanced technology of 3D travel; Integrity and accessibility of data interface.

Download address:https://www.ruanfujia.com/software/64264/.

10.Yijing Earth

Based on massive data integration, Yijing Earth provides secondary development API interface, which is based on solving the seamless integration and integrated management of massive terrain data, image data, 3D model data, business thematic data, POI data and professional model data, and breaks through the technical difficulties of terabyte terrain image data, fine model loading, massive vector slicing technology, WMS service loading technology, multi-source data loading, etc, effectively use user business data, professional models and results-driven data, shorten the development cost of 3D system, improve user management and decision-making level, and significantly improve the informatization level of various industries.


  • Massive data compilation tool set (massive terrain/image/vector/model processing tool, vector format conversion tool, vector block batch import);
  • Interactive browsing of scene data;
  • Realize basic information query and basic spatial analysis;
  • VR elements added: sunshine, rain, snow, fog, sky, etc;
  • Example system: fire, smoke, freezing, etc;
  • GIS analysis: measuring distance/area, intervisibility analysis, buffer analysis, flooding analysis;
  • WMS service support;
  • Extended function management;
  • Animation production (path animation, flicker animation, attribute animation, PPT animation, etc.);
  • Output of achievements (high-resolution mapping, animation output);
  • Support the real-time loading of mainstream Web Mercator cloud data (Google Map, ArcGIS, BING, OpenStreet, Nokia, Sky Map, etc.).

Download addresshttps://www.ruanfujia.com/software/10407252/.

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