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Abstract: GIS - Geographic Information System. GIS is based on surveying and mapping, using the database as a data source for data storage...

GIS - Geographic Information System. GIS is based on surveying and mapping, using the database as a data source for data storage and use, and using computer programming as the platform of map software, and now the world's best geographic information system software should be the ArcGIS of the American Institute of Environmental Geography ESRI. However, if you work for a Chinese government, MapGIS in Wuhan is recommended.

GIS software can be divided into:

  • GIS basic platform software;
  • GIS application platform software;
  • GIS application software (1, 2 is the development platform, for software developers, 3 is the application software for end customers);

Common GIS software

Commonly used: MapGIS, ArcGIS, MapInfo, and other MapGIS are domestic and foreign.


(1)Domestic GIS software

  • MapGIS: MapGIS is a general tool GIS software developed by China University of Geosciences.
  • SuperMap:domestic software, Beijing SuperMap KQGIS domestic software, Tianqiu Digital (officially released in 2019)

(2) Foreign GIS software

  • ArcGIS: foreign software, American ESRI company. ArcGIS product line provides users with a scalable and comprehensive GIS platform. ArcObjects contains many programmable components, ranging from fine-grained objects (such as a single geometric object) to coarse-grained objects.
  • MapInfo: foreign software, which is the desktop geographic information system software of American MapInfo company, is a desktop solution for data visualization and information mapping.

What kind of software is used in geographic information system?

GIS Geographic Information system (GIS) is a spatial information system that acquires, stores, edits, processes, analyzes and displays geographic data. Its core is to use computers to process and analyze geographic information. Geographic information system software technology is.

  • MapGIS, ArcGIS, supermap, geostar, aotocad, microstation, you go to the Internet to search, a lot of software is based on the concept and technology of GIS. Choose the right one according to your business needs.
  • The domestic ones are mainly MapGIS and supermap, while the foreign ones are mainly ArcGIS. These are the current mainstream. The rest of the MapGIS ArcGIS MapInfo is fine. MapGIS is domestic, and the other two are foreign.
  • Professional GIS software are: Abroad: ArcGIS, MapInfo, Intergraph, etc. In addition, Auto CAD formula is also entering the field of GIS, and some GIS software has been released, such as MapGuid; a lot of remote sensing software such as Edars, Envi.
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