Introduction to geographic information system

Introduction: This chapter introduces some basic but very important concepts of GIS, including information, data, information system, spatial data, spatial information and geographic information system. Some concepts, such as spatial information and spatial data, will be further elaborated, in fact, spatial data is also the core of describing the functions of GIS in this book.

GIS is not only a technology, but also a discipline, this chapter also introduces its main research contents and the relationship with other disciplines, such as geography, cartography, remote sensing, etc.

This chapter also introduces the composition, classification, function, development history and prospect of GIS, which will be described in more detail in the following chapters.

  • 1. Geographical Cognition of the Real World
  • 2. The abstraction of the real world
  • 3. Bit world
  • 1. Data meaning and data type
  • 2. Measurement scale of data
  • 3. GIS data quality
  • 1. Map digitization
  • 2. Processing of spatial data entry
  • 1. Computer network technology
  • 2. Distributed geographic information system
  • 3. WebGIS - World Wide Web Geographic Information System
  • 1. Socialization of GIS
  • 2. Other problems of GIS socialization
  • 3. The impact of society on the development of GIS

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